TENGA Original Vacuum Cup

Tenga Cup Male Masturbator

imagesIf you don’t know the name TENGA then you should definitely learn about them! These affordably priced masturbators have been greeted with open arms by Americans since their arrival from Japan and the reviews have been excellent.  With their special valves that create an unbelievable sucking sensation and incredible stimulation these babies have become one of the leaders in the fake vagina industry.  Definitely give these awesome masturbators a try!

The extraordinary suckc34f503026220cab0993f7c6838d9035_largeing action along with its advanced stimulating sleeve has made this the #1 male sex toy in Japan. It’s no wonder it has taken the US by storm. Its innovative sleeve construction makes the TENGA Cup feel just like you’re receiving fellatio and we definitely have no problem with that! The device comes lubricated and is ready to go. Although the Tenga Cup is intended to be a used once you can extend use by washing the cup after use or by using a condom.  I wouldn’t recommend it for extended use.  These devices really do live up to the hype and feel fantastic. So enjoy an evening alone or hand it off to your partner for an incredible shared experience, you will be glad you did.




  • Innovative Japanese male masturbator for an incredibly realistic deep throat experience
  • Sleeve contains a combination of large and small nubs to pleasure the length of your shaft
  • Has a rippled tightening zone for increased sensation
  • Integrated air hole on the end of the unit can be used to adjust suction
  • This unit is a one use disposable model but can be extended by using a condom during use
  • Masturbator is designed to simulate fellatio with deep throat action
  • The cup comes lubricated and is ready to use out of the package
  • Enjoy it alone or share it with a partner

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