TENGA Air-Tech Vacuum Cup Regular

Tenga Air-Tech Male Masturbator

jkg.gkThe TENGA Air-Tech Cup is an improved version of the very popular Original Cup. With a stronger suction intensity this reusable version takes the cup to a whole new level. The Air-Tech is free from the internal sponge making this new cup hygienic, washable and ready for multiple use. This masturbator is a great upgrade from the old cup’s disposable design which also felt great but the new version is even better. Does improved reusable design and improved suction make this male masturbator better than the original? It sure does, sign me up!

dgggThe increased suction is thanks to internal air chambers and its Air-Tech suction cup design. This suction along with TENGA’s trademark ribs and raised nodules and tight satisfying grip will send you to a state of bliss. The Air-Tech Cup comes in three different models: gentle, regular and strong. Just pick the one that’s right for you and give it a go! The vacuum cups are designed to feel better than fellatio with an intense deep throat action with some pop so I’m sure it’ll peak your interest. I recommend giving the TENGA Air-Tech Cup a try and you may never put it down.




  • TENGA’s suction cup design with advanced Air Tech suction technology
  • Internal air chambers to increase suction strength dramatically
  • Hygienic reusable design to enjoy over and over again
  • Suction hole in the end for customized suction strength
  • Made from skin safe Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Designed to simulate fellatio with deep throat action
  • Improved reusable version of the Original Tenga Cup
  • Comes in three different models: Gentle, regular, and strong

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