TENGA 3D Spiral Male Masturbator

Tenga 3D Male Masturbator

indexThis interesting looking masturbator is another example of TENGA’s innovative style and technology. The Spiral is one of five in the 3D series by TENGA and boy is it a treat! Its ribbed and spiral shaped design creates intense pleasure with every stroke and its flexible design allows for a lot of freedom to play with. It’s an intense experience for such a small unit coming in at only 5″ so it might not fit the larger individual. But for those that do fit you will enjoy its tight stretchy sensations. At first glance I thought the sprial was a table ornament but after further evaluation it turned out to be one hell of a kick ass male masturbator!

Tenga-3dThe 3D Spiral is simple to use and clean and even comes with a hygienic drying stand. Just flip inside out, lubricate and you’re ready to go and when your finished flip again and wash, it’s that simple. Thank goodness the Tenga is simple to use because you will be using this thing a lot! The ribbed spiraling action is so fantastic and its tight opening will have you coming back for more. So check out the Tenga Spiral or any of the other 3D masturbators, you won’t be disappointed. It doesn’t look like much but it sure does pack a wallop!



  • Tenga 3D Spiral textured sleeve (Other designs also available)
  • Made from soft, supple antibacterial elastomer
  • The material is temperature responsive and will warm
  • The reversal design is very easy to use and clean with running water
  • Unit comes with hygienic dryer stand and lubricant starter pack
  • Each design has a different texture and feel for variety of experience
  • Masturbator is 5″ in length but can accommodate larger men
  • Recommend use with your favorite water based lube
  • Available in spiral, module, zen, polygon, and pile

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