Super Head Honcho Male Masturbator

Super Head Honcho Fake Vagina

hraSex expert Sue Johnson picked the original Head Honcho as Sex Toy Of The Year in her award winning TV show so imagine how good the improved Super Head Honcho will perform! Made from California Exotic’s soft and stretchy TPR material and with the new super improvements this new Head Honcho will have you humming. The Super Head Honcho comes with a redesigned inner pattern for a more pleasurable feel and an improved three chamber design for more intense suction. I certainly have no problem with that!

sgafgafFor you larger men you will appreciate the 20% increase in length now coming in at 7″ with a 6″ insertion depth. The Super Head Honcho still is a cinch to clean with its duel opening design and is durable enough for you to flip it inside out for even easier cleaning. The Super Head Honcho is compatible with both water based and silicone based sex lubes so lube up and you’re ready to go! This pink diva has plenty of attitude to make you squirm in pleasure and have you keep coming back for more.  So sit back, lube up, and let this lady take care of you.

Its been said “It’s as good as a blowjob. Women will be dancing in the streets’.”




  • Super Head Honcho’s improved inner texture for more stimulation
  • Has a new three chamber design for increased suction
  • The Super Head Honcho is made from smooth & stretchy TPR material for life-like feel
  • The unit is designed with a longer tunnel for larger men
  • Comes with two openings for easy cleaning and added suction control
  • Improved version of award winning original Head Honcho
  • Compatible with both water based and silicone based lubes
  • Perfect for shared or solo masturbation experience
  • Recommended by celebrity sex expert Sue Johnson who featured the original Head Honcho on her popular sex show


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