Fleshlight QUICKSHOT


Fleshlight Quickshot is the all new fake vagina to join the Fleshlight brand family. The product is remarkably small and really portable. The size was designed to aid in the concealment of the product in a travel pack and clearly, the manufacturers intended for the product to be utilized in utmost privacy.fleshlight_quick_shot_vantage_mastubator_hush_canada_main

The Quickshot is a tight, open ended fake vagina equipped with patented Superskin soft chambered sleeve to give you the best realistic fleshy feeling, stimulation and arousal. The opening is the same at both ends of the toy and neutrally gender oriented.  The Quickshot is so conveniently small, it will fit perfectly into the palm of a “big man”. You can carry it around and nobody will be the wiser. When the caps are off at both ends, it measures 3.5 inches (9 cm) and it measures 4 inches with the caps on. The product weighs 85/8 ounce and stretches 2.5 (6.5 cm) in diameter.

The Quickfleshlight quickshotshot texture feels much like other Fleshlight products, the only marked difference is that it’s open ended. The interior texture is spaciously well bumped and that gives the shaft a nice and stimulating massage from each flap. To get the most feel out of your fake vagina, you can use it on the bottom and head of the penis. The fabric yields a realistic feel of an actual vagina, thereby enhancing your orgasm.  The Quickshot shares a similar tight feel as the Fleshlight Go. To compare it to full-size Fleshlights, the boost doesn’t completely engulf the shaft fully. This marks the boost as less tight and naturally airy. Because of the air access, the lube tends to dry quickly.



  • Made from patented Superskin material
  • Remarkably small and very portable
  • Duel end openings for easy cleaning
  • Great traditional Fleshlight feel
  • Keep your soft and sensual SuperSkin material like new with Fleshlight’s renewing powder.

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