Fleshlight LaunchPAD


11517Today with technological advances everyone is mobile with their mobile phones and tablets so why not take advantage of that technology and use it to enhance your virtual experience. Fleshlight has done just that with their new Fleshlight LaunchPAD. I don’t know why they haven’t thought about this before! This device will fit just about any tablet and is made from a durable yet flexible plastic. Use the LaunchPAD to enhance your masturbating experience with your favorite video or use it to video chat with your distant girlfriend for couples play. The applications are endless!

Using the Lauchfleshlight-launchpadPAD is simple, just strap in your favorite Fleshlight, play the desired media and you are ready to go. The LaunchPAD is designed to connect to any Fleshlight model from the Flight to any Girls Signature Series model. Just secure your Fleshlight with the strap and you are ready to go! it’s as simple as that. For a hands off experience pair the LaunchPAD with one of Fleshlight’s various mounts to free your hands and enhance your interactive session even more.

We think the LaunchPAD is an awesome idea whose time has come. It’s perfect for the couple that can’t be together especially for those moments when you really want to be together like those special occasions. So reach out and touch someone on a virtual level with this cool device and ladies this bad boy makes a great gift for any man.



  • Mounts to any Fleshlight for an interactive experience
  • Made from a durable yet flexible plastic
  • Securing strap makes connecting the Fleshlight simple
  • The ultimate in male masturbation interactive play
  • Perfect way to be intimate in long distance relationships
  • Connects to Fleshlight mounting systems for hands free use
  • Compatible with all Ipad models
  • Just play your favorite media or video chat for interactive play

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